The Estate

The land belonging to the family for sereval generations, is to be found in the Agly valley in Roussillon. The vineyards cover 25 hectares of differing soil varieties ( schist, gneiss, and argilo-calcareous ), witch contribute to the rich diversity of our wines. These wines full of caracters, are the fruit of a rigorous selection, attaining a high quality, which will delight your taste buds and your senses.


The terroir

The Agly Valley is located in the north of the Pyrenees-Orientales between the Massif des Corbières and the Pyrenees. It is the land of choice for the first men who settled there 450,000 years before our era. It is a land of contrasts combining the red ocher colors of clays, the whiteness of limestones and black shales…

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